Where can I rent dog sitters?

In today’s busy world, there are many reasons why someone would hire a dog sitter. Whether because of various obligations, or simply because they can’t take it with them on their vacation, people want to insure that their pet has the best care possible. This is a more individualized approach than boarding. So, where can I rent dog sitters?

Why pet sitting?

There are many reasons people would need a pet sitter. Perhaps their pet can’t travel with them. It might have a chronic disease, or simply be afraid of traveling. Pet sitting enables it to stay home, in the familiar surroundings. This makes it more relaxed and prevents its exposure to parasites and illnesses. Furthermore, there won’t be any dog fights.

The task of a dog sitter is to take care of the dog, to make sure it gets enough exercise, it eats properly, is clean and healthy. Not all customers have the same demands, but they usually include visiting the dog to check up on it, and walking it.

Although the certificate is not required in most places, there are companies that offer accreditation for pet sitters. Here you can learn not only how to care for a pet, what are it’s characteristics, but some law, too, and business management. If you want to become a pet sitter, you may have to pass a background check, to make sure you don’t have a criminal background.

Another thing to consider getting is first aid for pets. In case you are interested, you can visit organisations like Red Cross, or you can get the training online.

We’ve seen what the pet sitters are, but where can I rent dog sitters?

Finding dog sitters

Where can I rent dog sitters? The easiest way to find a dog sitter is online. If you want a “certified” sitter, visit the Pet Sitters International webpage. There, you can find sitters trained in various fields, all for the sake of taking better care of your pet. In case you don’t require a certificate, you can find pet sitters on all kinds of service exchange sites.

The hourly rate is $8-13, but if you want to hire per day, it will cost you $55-60. You may not want to hire a sitter online. If that’s the case, your best option is to put up an ad in the newspaper or in your neighborhood. Or you might find a person your dog is familiar with to be your sitter.

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