What are the Different Types of Diets? A Healthy Brain Guide!

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of enough physical activity and intake of more beverages and junk foods is taking a toll on the general population and making them fatter. Many people like to lose weight through diet, especially the ones who hate exercising, and there are plenty of diet plans available for them. The plans are different in some aspects and similar in others, such as in calorie computations, ingredients and formulations. Find out about the different types of diets that exist today.

The Atkins diet

It is possibly the most renowned diet for weight loss, particularly for its low carbohydrate content. You have to give up the intake of all types of carbohydrates at the beginning of the plan. However, it is put back gradually when you do not wish to lose weight any more.

The SlimFast diet

This diet plan needs you to have two of its proprietary shakes – one at the time of breakfast and the other during lunch time. You can enjoy having normal foods during dinner time. The SlimFast shakes for the daytime are specially formulated to keep your calories in check, and aid your body in the weight loss journey.

The South Beach Diet

It needs you to have three nutritious meals every day, along with a few healthy snacks. This is a very famous diet program that has become a household name with the release of the book and its web version.

The Subway diet

It is regarded as quite powerful in reducing weight, as it consists of low-fat ingredients. The Subway sandwich does not contain any saturated fats. As no cooking is done, there are no saturated fats. There is no way you can add more calories to your body.

The Weight Watchers diet

It involves having the foods of your choice, but in proper portions so that your body can stay healthy with proper nutrition. The WW diet regimen attempts to bring about a healthy change in your overall lifestyle, which can consist of some workouts as well.

It is important to analyze each diet carefully and consider which one your body is likely to be the most comfortable with. In the end, the diet plan that you follow should be fun and comfortable and aid you in your weight loss journey without leading to anorexia or other food disorders. Choose a diet program that you will feel comfortable following, and do not imitate one that is followed by a friend or co-worker.

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