Life’s Answers Lie in a Happy Brain

We all know people who remain happy whether they enjoy enormous success or face painful disasters. The reason: They possess, in their brains, a core of stability and optimism. A Happy Human Brainoffers a practical, comprehensive guide on what these people do on a daily basis to strengthen their human brains. As the first book for the layperson that combines groundbreaking research in four major fields of science aimed at understanding the human condition — Clinical Psychiatry, Positive Psychology, Child Development Studies and Neuroscience — it will shatter many of your convictions on what make us human, happy and authentically successful. Specifically, the book addresses three main questions:

  • What steps can we take to be more happy today?
  • Why does an obsession with material success rob us of our happiness and humanity?
  • How do parenting in early childhood and our culture influence our happiness and humanity?

Nice things that people have said


“Pierre van der Spuy touches on a very important topic that is vital to all of us who live in a success-driven world.  Through his courage in addressing his own issues in life, van der Spuy touches on an existential concept that forces us all to look at our own behavior, humanity, and what constitutes happiness in life.  This book (refers to When Success Betrays Happiness, the book on which A Happy Human Brain is based) is beautifully written with clarity and clinical perspicacity. – A must read.”

Frank M. Dattilio, Ph.D., ABPP
Department of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School